Eszter Bornemisza

Urban Textures

Eszter Bornemissza’s wall quilts are like urban skins, embodying the ambience of old European cities. With Budapest, the city she chose to call home, as a primary reference, she seeks the envoironmental essence, not a literal representation, of place. Warm grays, mellow browns, and subdued oranges of dyed and printed fabrics evoke the brick and stone surfaces of aging buildings. The linear configuration of a map, tracking the paths of generations through winding streets, might be a skeletal structure that connects different areas within a composition. A patch of text reproduced from periodical or personal ltter adds tactility and also suggests the urgent exchange of ideas that enliven urban life.

Oldalszám: 178
Kötés: puhatáblás
Nyelv: angol


CímUrban Textures
SzerzőEszter Bornemisza