Your body is your house, your house is your body


Friday, 9th August 2019 at 15.00

Workshop on architecture for everybody, led by Júlia Katona art historian

Program in English

It is generally known that the buildings where we are living, our houses, community spaces, theatres, schools, church buildings, are designed and built according to the proportional laws and details of the human body. How does our body appear in an abstract layout, a section view, a capital, or even a leaf mask? Are there womanly and manly buildings? If so, what are their characteristics? What are the spaces where we feel comfortable? Narrow or spacious ones? Is anthropomorphic architecture cozy? In the workshop we are seeking our own responses with the aim of interactive games.

Leader of the workshop : Júlia Katona, art historian

Number of participants : cca. 20 – 25

Duration : 2 hours

Registration is required.

Minimum fee of contribution : 1,000 HUF / person, payable on site

Contribution is valid as a tombola ticket as well. Date of lot : 7 October 2019, in the framework of the anniversary celebration of FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture.