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2019. július 3. szerda 18.30

Vienna: Cooperative Planning Process

Presenter: Volkmar Pamer

Volkmar Pamer works for the Urban Development department of Vienna (more precisely: Municipal Department 21A Urban District Planning and Land Use).

In this unique meeting of Budapest Circle he will address some broader and also some more specific issues of urban development:

  • Six considerations to approach urban challenges: a construction of thinking produced on the basis of working together with experts all over Europe, the USA and some other parts of the world.
  • Challenges in Vienna’s South: how to deal with a former horticultural area; multifunctional and intensive land use: housing, retail and school project, another project in culture, housing and school campus; revining of an old village centre; reviving an industrial area as a show case of co-operation.

In the course of the presentation Volkmar will address the „invisible” elements of the very comprehensive and successful Vienna urban development approach. He will highlight the cooperation elements of the planning process (when and how are professional planners, potential builders and the representatives of the affected population involved). He will talk about the way decisions are taken and the details of the rezoning procedure – how to avoid that land price increases in the course of rezoning? He will also describe the different types of developers, including those which work on non-profit basis.

The presentation will be in English.


Volkmar Pamer, born 1958, was educated as an architect at the University of Technology Vienna. Before starting to work for the City of Vienna as an urban planner he was several years a freelanced architect with the focus on residential buildings, villas, hotels, monument protection, industrial architecture and interior design.

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